My Revelate

My Revelate


"Spent all day just to ponder the words."

I first came across the song as a result of a comment left on a piece I wrote years ago about diabetes titled, Revelation. You can read it by clicking the link, but the gist of it is when you a writing about real life you have in your mind this true perfect image of what should be said and you can never quite achieve it. The right words elude and others seem to simply fall short. So the feeling goes nameless.

What is important, as I wrote in the original piece, if for no other reason than to make peace within, is to write about—or talk or pray or just ponder, whatever your practice—the experiences we have in some detail, trying as best we can to better understand how we feel about them. Only then might the worry and the namelessness of our worry evolve into something less ethereal, less tiresome, less paralyzing. Possibly even, redeeming.  

Thanks for watching, and thanks for being here.


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