About Us

Steve and Franca

Without Envy is the blog we started years ago to share our journey of raising a child with chronic illness to live life to the fullest. It was all new to us back then and served as sort of pilgrimage into a foreign land. Our rucksacks packed. Heading out into the great unknown. Eventually finding others. Sharing lessons from the road.

Despite the reason behind it, it was an amazing experience and while the general consensus with ourselves and many others we met on that journey—that life can be a real motherfucker—the overwhelming take away was that we all need to live life better, longer, with less, wherever we are.

Our daughter is older now and so are we and with the scrutiny of every day of the past decade behind us, our hope with the blog newsletter is to encourage everyone everywhere to age with more intention, find in themselves the means to live authentially and realize their own audacious self.

We know it takes work. It takes cutting through the bullshit we’re taught about life and living and while we don’t have all the answers—living well is not one-size-fits all—we do feel we are proof it can be done, that you can live a less miserable, more meaningful live.

You just have to learn to live without envy.

Easy peazy.

Let’s get started.

p.s. If you are here and you'd like to read more of our experience raising a child with type one diabetes to live life without envy please stay tuned as we hope to have those posts republished soon.