About Us

Steve and Franca

Hi, we're Steve and Franca. That's us up there, behind the counter of the bread store and bakery we opened a few years ago in eastern North Carolina. It was a big deal at the time, for us anyway—I guess for others, too—and maybe it still is something to brag about. After all we were both in our early 50s, switching careers to pursue food, of all things, in area known more for its fast food outlets than the kind made from scratch. Plus, we had never owned a business before. And we were doing it as a couple—no one was earning a living outside of the business just in case it crashed and burned. Which it didn't. On paper though—to potential lenders, and many others—it looked like one of those endeavors people our age would look at and say with a shrug, Yeah, missed my chance.

We're not those people, so we uprooted to this little rural town with big intentions and while I won't go into them here for the reason we closed the bakery, none of those things really matter anymore. If you're interested, you can read more about it here. What does matter is what this newsletter is all about, which is what comes next. The kind of question, you know, people of all ages should be asking.

Why Without Envy?

We began the blog, Without Envy, years ago to share our journey of raising a child with Type One Diabetes to live life to the fullest. Writing helped us navigate our new  normal and served to guide us along in what had become a very foreign and frightening world. Eventually we found others, shared lessons from the road, and discovered that though life could be a real motherfucker, we could all be doing more to live life better, longer, with less, wherever we are.

Our daughter is older now and so are we and with the scrutiny of every day of the past decade behind us, our hope with this newsletter is to encourage everyone everywhere to age with more intention, and find in themselves the means to live authentically and realize their own audacious self. We know it takes work. It takes cutting through the bullshit we’re taught about life and living and while we don’t have all the answers—living well is not one-size-fits all—we do feel we are proof it can be done. You can live a less miserable, more meaningful live.

You just have to learn to live without envy.

Easy peazy.

Let’s get started.

p.s. If you are here and you'd like to read more of our experience raising a child with type one diabetes to live life without envy please stay tuned as we hope to have those posts republished soon.