These are the Days
a 21st century mix tape

These are the Days

“rest is just the time you spend recharging the mental and physical batteries that you spend down working.” – Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author of Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

Hi there! Here are a few measures that matter this week:

  • Last week I wrote about our New Year’s Resolution to rest more, which if you read the article I shared about rest, you’ll know that it takes many forms, and that there is a huge difference between leisure and lazy. One impediment to either is the deferment or acquiescence to others and their wants, needs and preferences. In other words, people pleasing. If you feel it’s time to put your self first, read this.
  • A $45 Stanley water bottle is everything that’s wrong with America right now
  • We've all thought it. Why shouldn’t there be alien life out there somewhere? Well, now, we may find out
  • Franca and I took an evening this week to talk about what we might have done differently if we were to meet again for the first time. We figured it would be a fun walk down memory lane, and it was. But it was also interesting to recall that time in our lives with the fresh perspective of what we know now, about ourselves and one another, and the future we’d share together. It also made us hyper-aware of how quickly time goes by, but we paired it with a mix tape (okay, a playlist) I made in honor of our first meeting and the love affair that followed, which reminded us both of the romance and history we share that not even time can diminish. We highly recommend uncorking a bottle of wine, lighting some candles and finding a quiet space to reflect and remind your special someone of just how much the moment you met mattered in your life.
  • I just stared reading David Epstein’s Range: Why Generalists Triumph in an Specialized World and am loving it. I don’t want to give anything a way as David’s prose is so engaging, but if you’re wondering how to succeed in, well, just about everything, this book is for you. 
  • Sicily didn’t make the list of destinations to visit in 2024, but that’s no reason for me not to offer up this unapologetic plug for coming here. If you’re not sure where or what to do when you arrive, I know a company ready to help.
  • Looking for a good reason not to travel? Read this. It features one of my favorite minds: Gilbert K. Chesterton. 
“The human bond that he feels at home is not an illusion. It is rather an inner reality.” 
  • The news is so blah today (and, I fear, about to get worse) so we avoid it as much we can, preferring happy stories to the ones featured in headlines. Like this one about food. I should warn you though, it features the whole grains of a Mediterranean diet, which, if you’ve followed me and our previous pursuits as bakers, you already know where we stand on bread.

That's all for now. Alla prossima!

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