Sicilian Pathways

Sicilian Pathways


Percorsi Siciliani

It’s easy to find fault in the way the hinterland of Sicily is disconnected from the rest of the island. Driving conditions aren’t always ideal, with many hairpin turns, switchbacks, and even jaunts through what are probably private pastures or farmland. I’ve had many conversations with people who complain that their towns aren’t connected enough, that it takes not only time, but also effort to arrive at some destinations.  What I always come back to is this: while the road conditions subject its people to inconveniences, they help preserve the charm of the many beautiful villages that dot the Sicilian landscape. It keeps the most beautiful treasures of Sicily unexplored and unspoiled. For a sampling of Sicilian Roads, check out our video Percorsi Siciliani from September 2021.

Scenes from Sicily roads

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