Phone Privileges


The Things We Have Now

She calls at ten a.m.

I want to talk about school. How she’s doing, what she’s learning.

She entertains my wishes only momentarily, then gives me her meter reading.

I say the number back to her and write it down.

She asks about her snack.

I tell her what it is.

She asks, What did you pack for three o’clock?

I tell her that too.

Can I switch them? she asks.

Of course, I say, you can switch them.

We talk again at noon. I ask is she having a good day.

She says that she is and gives me her number.

I write it down. She wants to get back to lunch and her friends, I can tell. I figure her dose and tell it to her and let her go.

At three she calls once more. How are you feeling? I ask.

Good, she says merrily and I believe her.

How was your day?

Good. Daddy? she says before I can say anything more.

Yes dear? I answer.

Tomorrow can you pack beef jerky?



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