on being lia


Loves to sing * Tells long stories * Was born in an ambulance * Likes to make people laugh * Plays dress up * Has a beautiful voice * swims like the Man from Atlantis * Favorite color is blue * Favorite poem: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening * Loves to camp and hike * Being outdoors * Knows every word of The Phantom of the Opera * Keeps a messy room * Sweet * Once cried over Abraham Lincoln’s passing * Wants to grow up to be a scientist * Likes to listen to Johnny Cash * Wishes she lived on a farm * Likes playing soccer * Obsessed with Harry Potter * Straight A student * Is a great artist * Loves acting in plays * Laughs at her Dad’s silliness * Plays the piano * Loves to wrestle * Afraid of thunderstorms * Rarely a picky eater * Used to chew on a diaper rag to go to sleep * Wants to learn how to sew * Likes riding shotgun in the big white pick-up * Eating carrots * Making soup * Going out for ice cream * Combs her mother’s hair * Loves animals * Has lived in only one house * Had three different bedrooms * Been to Rome, Paris and all over Belgium and some of France * Wants to go to Disney World * Likes to exercise * Friendly and outgoing * Knows everyone at her school * Enjoys learning French * Digs holes in the dirt * Makes funny faces * Doesn’t put things away * Works in the garden * Loves her stuffed animals * Never enough shoes * Summers at Nana camp * Is a good hand in the kitchen * Would eat cold pizza for breakfast  * Nighttime Pajama Walks * Dry Erase Boards * Prefers vanilla over chocolate * Likes to listen to country music * Very Kind and Considerate * Loves board games * Being with others * Wants to look up to her big sister * Misses playing with her brother * Favorite pet would be a dinosaur * beautiful handwriting * Wishes she were taller * A good friend * Beloved daughter * Brave * Courageous * Full of life



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